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I have been using xenForo now for a little less than two months. Like any other discussion forum, I would love to see a flood of new ACTIVE members on our site. After being open for about three weeks I changed the setting so guest users could post messages and replies without becoming a member first. This change did what it was supposed to do as I am getting posting from guest, however, it slowed down the new member numbers a lot. I would hate to lose the replies and posting from guest that did not want to become an active member but hate also that my new membership count is going down.

Is there an add-on that would let a GUEST post a message and or replies maybe two or three times then tell the guest that he now must register as a member to continue posting? If not, do most admins think it's better to let guest post or force them to register first? I am stumped on this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I would say it depends on your mentality.
Do you have your forum for revenue? Then it is better to keep any kind of users you can keep, so let guests post to your forum.
Is this a hobby and you dont expect any revenue? Then better have 50 active members than having people coming and going.

If it is the first case, you must find a solution without forcing people for registering on your forum. First, offer something so people stay at your forum, no matter registered or non-registered. Non-registered people will register after some time anyway, if you can keep them. Second, for example make some kind of events. And of course f9r participating people must register. But they wont see it as forcing, they would see it as free-will.

If it is the second case, try to deliver quality content. And then it will grow slowly.
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