XF 2.2 Guest Time Zone and User Time Zone is Different


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hi everyone.. this will be my first post and i need a little help..
im using the latest XF..

i found similar topics but been left without a solution.. when i check my forum in incognito mode i see the time zone correct as i set it right in admin panel.. but when i login it changes, its not correct..i ve asked the host they assured server's time zone is correct on that side..

any help will be appreciated!


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Because it is reading the time zone for you, guests only get the server time, all other time is relevss as my to the individual users.
thanks for the fast response.. how do i fix it then? and i want to be sure all users will see the forum in correct time zone.. since its in local language they should be the same as well..

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thanks for the answers.. maybe i should simplify what i want..

i want to set the time for users and guests same.. UTC+3.. is there a way to do that?