Guess which game I am playing! (really fun, test your gaming knowledge!)

This is my favorite forum game of all time, and my own created game. You guess the game with the help of 1 screenshot taken in that game.

Taking screenshots is possible with print screen or Fraps, etc ...

Tread Rules
The first poster that has it right, must post the new pic of a game.
If he forgets it or doesn't do it, someone else does it.
+ like on the post of the guy or girl who FIRST gave the right answer.
You the poster of the pic can give a hint. (Like who made it or what kind of genre the game is.)
You have to post a picture of a game you play or have played.
Make sure you re-name the file of the pic that it isn't the name of the video game.
Also make sure the game name isn't in the picture.
The picture has to be clear and visible, meaning don't make it impossible to guess.
The poster of the picture has to give the right answer the next day.
The person that has it correct and guessed the right game, has 6 hours to post a next pic.

Conclusion: fun game, + easy way to test your gaming knowledge!

I shall begin. Guess, it isn't that hard.;)

Tomorrow the answer will be given.
Give out the full name of the game. You are very close...

And I will give out the answer tomorrow to give everyone a fair chance in guessing.
Age of Mythology: The Titans Expansion?
It is indeed that game! Well done, you may post up next a screenshot of a game and let people guess.

Do make sure you give the answer always the next day, not sooner.

If nobody replies or has made the right guess then you choose to extend it with one day or give the answer tomorrow.


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knowing me, it should not be that hard ... not knowing me, however ... :D

(taken from a cow-fisting event ...)


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Just a guess, never played it, but I think it's from Entropia Universe.

P.S. Looking at your signature did help a bit :)

Stop with replying with pics, you first have to guess Adams game before anyone posts a screenshot and only the one who got it first right may post a screenshot.

Please read the rules of this game, if you all continue like this this game is pointless and actually more spamming.

So guess what game this is that Adam has or played of recent:

Adam will reply here tomorrow to say who guessed right and if nobody did guess right then see the rules what the options are...


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Well, you're right. I probably overlooked this picture, because I've only seen the picture in the last post and assumed it was the current one to guess (and apparently got it right, so I posted mine).

@Lykke, you got it. It's indeed from LOTRO.

But maybe let's wait until we clearly know the result of the Star Trek picture.