XF 2.2 Gtmetrix reports that Job.php and webmanifest.php uses 20 seconds together to fully load


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My waterfall looks pretty good, except for these two.. I'm at 1.6 seconds, until these two kick in.


I've tried to re-test again and again. What's up with this?

Job.php is also hitting a few more times after this, but then they are just 290 ms and 100 ms.
For what it's worth those requests are non-blocking (they happen after the page is loaded and don't affect the layout at all) so they shouldn't have any impact on load times.
I'm also getting reports of slow initial page loads after a period of time and the slow item appears to be webmanifest.php. Any ideas on this and how to correct? I see a marked answer above but I think this issue remains and is causing slow loads.
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