GTMetrix Output: PageSpeed D 68% - Page Load 5.8s - Competitor Much Quicker

Chris Radford

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Hi All,

We are attempting to speed up our page load times as we have a very similar domain authority to our main competitor, but their performance in terms of speed and optimisation is much higher than our own; and it's something we want to address.

Our Website:
GTMetrix Results:

Competitor Result:

I have been told that some GTMetrix results when testing Xenforo installs will result in false positives.

Can anybody explain in lamens terms what we can look to implement based on these figures? I am totally aware that as we serve Ads on our site and our competitor doesn't this will be have a significant impact which is not ideal but a requirement for us. I'm looking to find other tweaks which we are not currently taking advantage of.

Many thanks,


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Check your plugins. Disable any unnecessary ones and try pagespeed checks again. For example, I found that similar threads addons slowed page loads quite a bit.