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XF 1.5 Group permissions

I've read the implementing permissions across multiple user groups thread and I'm mostly there... just not quite.

What I can't grasp is how to set each node's permission to viewable or not.

I can find the 'view node' setting when I edit a user groups but how do I let the system know which group and node this relates to?

This issue is this: I have a private forum where I don't want any unregistered people to see anything.

I have a group 'registered' who can see everthing but I now need to add in two other groups:
Gold - who will be able to see all nodes with the exception of one specific node
ED Course - who will be only able to see that one specific node and nothing else.

I think I need to set 'registered' so they have all the correct permissions such as editing posts but stop them from viewing any nodes.

I then need to create Gold so they can see all the nodes I want them to see

And then create ED Course so they can only see the one specific node.

Two things I think I'm having trouble with:

1 - can I replicate my current 'registered' and rename it Gold, then create a new base 'registered' in line with the 'implementing permissions' thread and stop registered from viewing all nodes?

2 - when I create the usergroup 'ED Course' how do I set the permissions correctly? I think what's confusing me is that I can't find a place where it explicitly says 'allow this usergroup to view this node'.