XF 1.4 Group Permissions Question


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Is there a way a member can have access to 3 groups but still view a forum that only one of those groups are permitted to?

In other words, if you have a group founder, donor and commissioner and there's a forum that blocks founder and donor but permits commissioner, is there a way that that person can view that forum with those 2 groups blocked?


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Yes, the cumulative nature of permissions allows that.

Simply revoke access to the node for the other two user groups and allow it for the third one.

The link in my signature explains how permissions work across multiple user groups.


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Actually, I understand now how to do the aforementioned.

Here's an example to be more clear of what I'm having trouble with:

If you are a member of the Anaheim Ducks, you have a Ducks Locker Room. You would ideally set all Ducks group members to be allowed in the Ducks Locker Room forum.

But, if you are on a football team as well, for example the 49ers. That person with the 49ers group and the ducks group will NOT be able to see the ducks locker room since the 49ers access if off.

So if you have multiple groups attached to your profile, and 2/3 of the 3 groups are turned off for a certain forum, how can that member see certain forums for the 1 group not blocked. Because in our forums right now, you need all 3 groups to be permitted for each forum.

From old websites, as long as you had 1 group/rank for that section, you are able to see it. Instead now in our forums, you would need all groups on your profile to be active on that forum to view it.