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Mr. Jinx

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I would like to see this functionality in Xenforo: The ability to assign "Group Moderators" to a usergroup.

A group moderator should be able to add/remove/list users from the usergroup he/she is responsible for.
Currently only admins can do this.

Coming from SMF, I was a bit surprised to find out that this was not possible with Xenforo, and there is no existing add-on that can do this.
I'm checking the possibilities. If more people like this idea I will ask someone to develop this (paid).


Mr. Jinx

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Thanks, I checked this plugin. It is very close, but not exactly the same.

-The group moderator cannot see a list of users in the group he manage (although the plugin says it can).
-Users can invite them self, but as a Group Moderator it is not possible to add/remove selected users.
-I don't want that people can invite them self to a group.
tbh this should be a feature build in
it seems that xenforo is lacking a lot features that are basic in most other forums
i wonder if this is because they want to sell all these fancy addons :D
however am glad that xenforo is so open for development, so not the worse :)

Mr. Jinx

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My bad, I thought this was the thread of my group membership moderators add-on. Ignore my post. Ofcourse you can share your link here.