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Hi there,

When enabling banner stacking obviously all groups you belong to will show underneath your avatar on the forums. At the moment I have permissions all configured for Moderator for the Super Moderator/Administrator as we do not really need more options than the Moderator has minus a few plugins which I set permissions for Administrator only.

Is there a way to stop for example the Administrator showing the Super Moderator/Moderator and Member title (as we have a custom Guild banner also that needs to be shown), the Super Moderator showing the Moderator and Member banner and the Premium Group showing the member banner but keeping banner stacking added so we can show their Guild banner underneath the highest other group banner we want showing.

I assume this can be done with some code in EXTRA.css and I hope that is easy to understand, thanks in advance.


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OK, thank you for the fast response as usual. I guess the best option would be to set the permissions for the admin/super moderator/moderator on their own and remove the users from these additional groups.

Also - where it gives an option for unlimited or adding a limit beside it for example on maximum smilies in signature. If a group inherits these (all users are in registered by default) can the field be left as 0 and will not override the registered permissions since it is set higher and as the main group?


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Just a quick question - rather than having moderators in the registered group as default and having them as moderator primary and added to the content writer group as secondary to stop the member banner showing also is it wise to do this and alter their permissions or keep them in registered group as default?


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I understand that and have it configured this way but I do not want the 'member' banner to show for the moderators as originally discussed so that would be the alternative solution unless you could think of another?


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If the user group display priorities are set correctly, only the staff and highest priority user group banner will show.