As designed Greek Encoding on the tags (ελληνικα)


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I purchased a new licence in order to upgrade. i was already using the xentag addon which had all my thread tags from vb. i used the addon that imports the addon tags to the core system tags but now all greek characters in the tags urls are showing as latin characters while this is not the case in thread urls, this keeps me from proceeding with the upgrade.

do u have a fix or u will fix it on the next version ?
If you used an add-on to import the tags from the third party add-on, you would need to post in the resource thread for support.
it doesnt have to do with the addon, it happens on new tags too, the problem is that the new xf version doesnt support greek letters in tag urls
The tags use Latin identifiers rather than requiring an ID in the URL. This is currently how the system is designed.
i am not saying about the id. so far i could have the tag url like /tags/ελληνικά/ but now greek letters are converted to latin tags/ellinika i dont want this and it will break my seo as well
@Brogan so u are saying that the system is designed to support greek turkish etc characters on the THREAD URLS and to convert greek turkish etc into latin characters in TAG URLS ? becouse if thats the case is irrational to say at least.

i hope i get a reliable answer this time, i never asked about id or whatever. no greek characters in tag urls means no upgrade .ελληνικα
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You over simplified the example thread as it's: threads/greek-encoding-on-the-tags-ελληνικα.120059/ (Technically, it's actually threads/greek-encoding-on-the-tags-%CE%B5%CE%BB%CE%BB%CE%B7%CE%BD%CE%B9%CE%BA%CE%B1.120059/) The number is the important part and why we allow non-ASCII there, if you are happy with URL encoding (which a number of people aren't). In tags, we took an approach that didn't require the number and didn't run the risk of character encoding issues (which would break URLs entirely), which requires Romanization. You'll see this limited set of allowed characters anywhere we use a string as an identifier.

In this instance, I believe we're actually following standard Greek Romanization rules:

There is an open suggestion for this:
@Mike our tag pages are using greek characters and it is an important part of our SEO. it has been like this since vb and later or with xf (the tag addon uses greek with no issues at the url). upgrading to a system that will change our tags from greek to latin is not option since it will be like downgrading. this is an issue with most non english forums. plz make sure a future fix is applied. keep in mind that i paid for a new version only becouse i wanted to have sitemaps and tags in the core and now i cant not upgrade.

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