Lack of interest Greater text enlargement without sidescrolling.


New member
Please enable me to spin that mouse wheel to enlarge forum message text, without sidescrolling.

Please note:

1. Again and again, I hear that people have hurt their eyesight using computers.

2. Back in 2000, one of the most frequent visitor compliants was sidescrolling.

3. Now in 2010...
  • Many more people use small notebooks with small monitors.
  • There is increased awareness for "accessibility" for people with vision problems. Certain "accessibility" requirements have even been made law for UK ecommerce sites.
  • Firefox and Explorer both enable text to be enlarged easily, using the mouse wheel.
4. AND YET... it seems more webdesigners are failing to use "flexible" webdesigns. More sidescrolling, even with full-size monitors.

5. I have a very large 22" monitor. Late at night, when my eyes are literally shutting down, I should be able to enlarge the text of a forum greatly, without needing to adjust sidescrolling constantly. I should be able to quadruple the text size and still see the Avatars and the general page context without sidescrolling.

Xenforo's page design can easily be adjusted to enable browsers to quadruple the text size without causing sidescrolling. Please do so. Thank you.