Google Music .. anyone try it ? on android ?


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"We're sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States"

Nope. :(


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I read this in the newspaper earlier today. Hopefully Google gets some record labels onboard.


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I been using it for the past couple days. I think its the best music library I have ever seen, even better than iTunes for one reason only. You can you use it anywhere and everywhere. I have an android device without a memory stick , I just downloaded the App and I'm listening to my entire collection. ;) the only thing it needs is to share the music with other google accounts. For the moment I gave my brother my google login information and we both enjoying one music library he can add to it too:).
one word to google: thanx for making my life easier Music, DOC, Gmail .... (y)
ALL FOR FREE the best company ever :cool:
PM ME if you need google music invitation


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Agree. I use it almost every day. As soon as I add new music to my itunes library at home, it's on my phone within a couple minutes, ready for streaming.


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I've been using it since May now, and I quite like it. I can pretty much play most of music library across any of my Android devices, and more recently my iPhone and iPad. And if I don't have it, well there's Spotify or MOG.


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The Android app was a memory hog and I caught it running in the background without my starting it, so I uninstalled. Thing is, I uploaded essentially what was already in my Zune library, and I the same thing on my 120G Zune, so...what's the point? The sound quality on the phone can't touch the better D/A converter in the Zune, and the files are often transcoded so they sound worse. It's nice as a backup, but for that matter, I could just as easily stream from home using Subsonic or Audiogalaxy and not have to worry about any of the limits.


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I used it. Just go through a proxy to register than you can use your Android devices without any problem (no proxy). Or you can use the web player. Good stuff.