"Google May 2020 Core Update" affecting your xF Forum?


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I lost 90% from May to December. December update gave me 3x the clicks I was getting, and now resulting in having 50% reduction since the first 2020 update.

Mind you, I haven't changed a damn thing since December 2019. In fact, with losing 90% + covid killing my other business = left me extremely depressed and I stopped visiting my site for a couple months, so I for sure didn't touch anything to try to improve these stats.


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I lost 50% of google search impressions/clicks with the May 2020 Google Core Update

The December Google 2020 Core Update update gave me back the 50% clicks I had lost

Thank god

December one helped us as well a bit. About a 15% growth.


Wow, I'm also seeing a recovery starting in December in Google Search Console. Total Clicks grew 50% from Dec 02 - Dec 06 and holding up around that level.