Google is indexing notices in threads!!!


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My site has suddenly experienced a huge dip in traffic over some time now it's just getting lower and lower and I started to wonder why? Then I suddenly saw this! (Notice that Welcome to a social forum for design is on almost every single thread!)


My notice says: Welcome to a social forum for design! This is the place if you like architecture, industrial design, interior design graphic design or fashion. Please click here to register for an account and gain access to post replies, view user profiles, and send Private Messages to other users! We recommend you read the welcome message.

What I have understood from you guys is that Xenforo by default won't use the notice as description for the threads. Please help me solve this problem fast!!!

Jake Bunce

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Google sees guest notices. The "description" you see in the search results is centered around keyword matches on the page. If the search result is found to match a word somewhere else on the page then it will show a "description" centered around that word. This is normal. I am not aware of this being a problem with respect to SEO.


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It looks like you're using the site name as a query so it's normal it would pick up the notice. Long-tail searches or something more specific shouldn't show the notice in description.

Anyway, XenForo does use the meta description tag with content from the thread itself. Google doesn't always honor this, though, it changes the description based on what it thinks is best fit.


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You can also wrap your notice text with a google snippet tag, which stops google from indexing what is inbetween

<!--googleoff: snippet-->NOTICE TEXT HERE<!--googleon: snippet-->