Google Datacenter


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Yes, it's a data center. A big one. :D

BTW: Did they already open their once planned huge data center in Austria?


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First time they show details.
Maybe, but not very surprising for anyone who knows huge data centers. :)
InterXion data center in Vienna is not very different and almost the same size. And so are several other data centers worldwide.

But for people who don't know real data centers the dimensions must be very impressing. Good PR. :)


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First time they show details.
An article that talks more about this,

In reality though, much of this information is not new. They've shared these details in the past, and even did a similar prank with their Oregon DC. If you look closely each shot has been carefully narrated. Most of what is mentioned is superficial, and street view carefully avoids the interesting stuff.

Nonetheless, still amusing.

Guitar hero in the background:
Giant Android locked up:
"Super Secret Strategic PUE Plan":
Android with hearing protection:

Adam Howard

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Any time I see a datacenter like this one. I always wonder what would happen if we used the whole center for 1 single project. Maybe Seti @ Home for example.