Lack of interest Google Analytics - Site Speed


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Do I need to rephrase the question?
There are many hundreds of suggestions so don't necessarily expect a response from the developers.

Each suggestion is looked at and evaluated though, so rest assured that it has been noted.


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Ok, I understand... I was expecting a dialog because I thought maybe I was missing something.

I implemented the Google code on the WP part of the site and was surprised I couldn't on the XF portion.


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This issue has come up one one of my sites and we are loading this code.

I only see the ability to put in your unique id in the admin area. Is there a plan to add this functionality or is this something to be done at the code level?
It should be coming in 1.1 as per this post:

A few posts later there are instructions how to add the _trackPageLoadTime in the google_analytics template for pre-1.1


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Ahhh.... how did you know I was going to look today? I did think it would only take a day or two. I'll be patient...... Thanks for the "FYI".


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Some people are quick to check if their added code is working. Dean knows this, so he gave out the "FYI" out to you. ;)