XF 1.1 Google Analytics does not work.


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I added my Analytics ID earlier today, and it still says that the tracking code hasn't been installed. No errors on Xenforo.

I added the ID-number "UA-numbers-1" on Xenforo, but on Google Analytics I get a javascript code. Anything wrong there perhaps?

What to do?



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The javascript code it already built into XF, you just need your ID.

It sounds like you've done it correctly.

Have you added your domain to your GA account?

Tracy Perry

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Yep, everything's correct (AFAIK) over there. Added the url as a property, clicked trace and then added the ID shown there.

Actually this may be a problem. I just changed the domain of one of my sites (which was being tracked fine) and then removed the old one from Google Analytics and set up the new domain. After 24 hours still no tracking data (and yes, I do know how to set it up because it worked before on the domain).