Google Adsense warning


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I checked my adsense this morning and found this error message, my earnings yesterday were down huge amounts. Any ideas what could have caused this?
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 5.05.48 AM.png
The only changes i made were these to my best recollection.

Installed this ad on:

And this CSS change to the node_list.css template:

        .Responsive .node .nodeLastPost .lastThreadTitle,
        .Responsive .node .nodeLastPost .lastThreadUser
            display: block;


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Also, no complaints from members on the site, and it worked for me. On the phone with host right now to see if there is anything on their end.


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I have an idea, try to enable the add-on and use the default style. It could be that in some browsers the add-on causes your style some problem.


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Well if there is an incompatibility between the addon and the style, it could mess up your style bad making things to disappear or whatever. In that case though, someone with a browser that shows the problem would have complained...


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That's strange. This is what he said:

But what? There is nothing strange in the code. is a simple hook that adds to the sidebar's max posters. Very little css. Nothing javascript. I do not understand.
I can't seem to find the part of his post where he supposedly said it was possible for his add-on to impact your adsense traffic.