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XF 1.4 Google Adsense Questions

Hey Folks,

I've got one XenForo already and looking to add 3 more but need to continue to do my homework before giving up on SMF and moving this income generating site to XenForo platform.

My question is this...

Is there a way to display Google Adsense banners, in specific locations, to specific usergroups? Say I wanted my guests to see Adsense banners but not my registered members? What if I wanted everyone, except my premium members, to see the banners?

Also, is there a way to request that people turn off their ad blocker stuff for that site? I've seen this around before but haven't yet ascertained whether this is a plugin or java code or something?


Well-known member
You can accomplish everything you desire via template conditionals. Brogan's guides should have everything you need.