Good Night, Part Too. It Just Got Personal


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I owe @Jon W an apology. Jon didn't have to post this:

On the topic of people who have made XenForo a better place, I learnt how to code my first add-on through Lawrence's tutorial. I do hope we can let this lie.
but he did, and that in my opinion, is testament to his character. Thank you. It made me take a pause and re-think a few things. I won't be be changing my TOS.

I wish you success Jon,



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Lawrence I learned part of my current knowledge from you as well. Your XenStaff add-on was the basis for my first stand alone add-on (which was a server screen shot image viewer lol). Though XenStaff itself heavily modified also still powers TBG's roster until I finally write the solution I intended all along.

I actually credit you and @Fuhrmann along with the numerous questions asked by other developers in their early developments in my ability to finally comprehend Xenforo and the MVC concept. Its a difficult task when you are switching languages and learning a platform at the same time.

I hate to see it all go down like this with the community. Some of the events prior to this made me not even want to release any of my own original work. That's not even counting someone ripping off the entire site I am working on and stealing designs that I was going to release for free as add-ons... But such is life. It's nice to see people reconcile.

Brent W

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We all make rash statements in the heat of the moment. Took a lot to post this. Hopefully things can go on and we can all help each other out in some way or another in the future.