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Please provide suggestions and feedback for my site that just launched early this morning at 12:01 AM as planned. There are things to come but for now, the style and current site features are what I'm looking for feedback on.

So far my beta testers have suggested a new style that is more WoW related and I couldn't agree more. I intend to start a new style as soon as I finish learning the new Add-on system.

Link: https://goblintimes.com
Description: WoW related fansite for members to share guides, WoW lore, talk about WoW or Blizzard Entertainment, and get XenForo related add-ons.
Loads very slow.

What do you plan to offer that the well established Blizzard communities don't already?
I more sophisticated system unlike say WoWHead where every page on their site loads slow plus having to wait for all the Javascript to load.

Wonder why my site is loading slowly for you. Could be the image in the header. Can you load the site again? I removed the header image if that isn't the issue then most likely it is the fact that WoWHead's Javascript for item tooltips is the major issue which means I'll have to remove the tooltip for now. Also could you give feedback on the style itself?

To be honest the only established communities are BlizzPlanet, WoWHead, and Icy-Veins. The others are not established as much as others think. Those 3 are the most visited and used. I'm not looking to become a huge place like them, if I do, great, but I'm not pushing for that.
Looks like it is loading quite quickly now.

The gradient backgrounds looks a little dated though, maybe aim for a more flat look or possibly liven it up with a subtle background image.

Also be careful, I notice you have Debug mode enabled which can slow things down - make sure you disable it when you're done with it.
I use that site all the time to rest sites from different parts of the world and different devices/browsers.
Well it helped, got my load time down some and still working on more.


New report.

For some reason I'm running into issues enabling mod_expires and mod_deflate

EDIT: Forgot I'm running NGINX so had to use that which is now solving things at a much better rate. Still have a few changes but I'll have this on a faster load in no time. Thank you again @ozzy47 for the site suggestion, big help and will help with my photography site.
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I plan on that. Gotta get xenWoW into beta then I can work on an article system that will allow me to feature them to portal and I plan to write my own articles related to the upcoming expansion.
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