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Global Thread Creator - Allow your user to create thread from anywhere...

All credits for creating this goes to @ragtek ... what I have done is just improvised on it to make it more user friendly and compatible with xenForo 1.2.1.

To Install:
Upload contents of upload folder to root directory
Install "GCT - MyVersion -" file

This is what happens...

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Demo: www.FixMyStuff.In


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Hi, thanks for this addon!
How can i translate this phrase?

Select the Title where you want to write...

Does this mod have any setting as I have installed it and see nothing referring to it either in my ACP or on the forum
My one does not do anything at all. I would also need it have have some types of permissions as I would not want just anyone making a thread global.
Ok thanks not to worry I found another similar mod that worked for me.
I know this is old but would it be possible to do something like this?

A side block that we could define what forum the new thread would be created in?


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