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heya all
one year ago i started to create a new game called "moderntank"
i had some ups and downs , but i am heading the right way .
recently i lost my main business (plaster molding)
so i came to a point that i need some help ,, this is our new campaign on indiegogo
for ModernTank
A new strategy game for the mobile market.
Experince an incredible strategy game Build your base and command
your army the way you want.
We have started the campaign and we need some help .
There is ways that you guys can help ,,
this is the link to the compaign,,

read about our game and what the project about.
you have some options from the Select a Perk,from 2$ and more.
please remember,every dollar counts and it will help!!!
the site it is secured with payments system,
you can contribute with a pay pal account or any credit card.
Second way to help is to share the link with friend and people you may
like this kind of a game, like the project and shearing it will
really boost our project to the front page.
it takes 2 sec to give it a like,,so please do.
just take a moment to read and review the game,, you may ending up
playing it soon!
Thanks for reading.happy new year to you all .

yours Eran

To Brogan Jake (Mr know it all) and all the mods Ty for a wonderful year and
i hope for more years to come .
for all the members i know and also didn't know and gave me help with my forum Thanks from my heart
god bless you all:)
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