XF 1.5 Give topic extra attention


Hello all!

We're busy with setting up our new forum and I'm wondering if it's possible to give a topic extra attention with a pop-up, or message in the header or something.

We would like to give some topics extra attention (i.e. actions, new sponsors, news, etc) to our users. Is that possible? We've seen the usergroup notification, that's to "little" for us.

I googled a lot, but couldn't find it. Is there anybody who knows if it's possible?

Many thanks in advance!


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Do you mean something like a banner on the forum that says something along the lines of this? "Please view this thread. Your feedback is important to us."

If so, you can use the notice system for that.


Thank you for your answer, if I use the notice system it's only visible as a marker in your alert. Am I right?

I'd like to have a pop up or a banner with some extra attention.