Gift User Upgrade - abilty to buy another member an upgrade


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sometimes users want to buy another user an upgrade.

to do that now they would have to direct pay me thru paypal and then I'd manually enter the account upgrade. would be great if they could do it through the site but once they have an active upgrade all buy an upgrade options disappear.
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This feature would be very handy, as it's not always safe for users to compromise their accounts to let someone purchase an upgrade for them. It's also a hassle for me to manually upgrade accounts.

I wouldn't mind this as an add-on either.
Great idea. Here is my post from a dupe thread I made before someone mentioned the idea already existed:

Would be great to have an option to be able to purchase certain membership subscriptions for other existing members.

In the subscription options add something like "Can subscribe for others". When purchasing a subscription, have a dropdown of members you wish to apply that subscription too.
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