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I'd like to see an easy to use add-on that allows members to gift specific account upgrades. I'll give you the idea that have in the form of images. I know that there is this add-on for gifting account upgrades, but I'm personally not a fan of how the add-on goes about it.

For starters, you'd be able to select "Can be gifted" in the Admin CP under "Edit User Upgrade":

Full size image.

Once you've selected a specific account upgrade to be giftable, a "Gift" button would show up next to "Purchase":

Once you've clicked the "Gift" button, you'd get a pop up that would ask for the username, and have an optional field to PM the user you're purchasing an upgrade for letting them know that you gifted them the user upgrade.

It'd look sort of like this:

Once you click "Gift User", it work exactly like the current system does - it'd take you to PayPal, and then return you.
Not bad. The only thing I would add/change is to rather have the "Gift" button as an optional function once you click into "Purchase".

My thinking is that to gift something you still need to purchase it so Gifting would be a subcategory of Purchase. Also, using same logic, members might get confused and think that they can somehow get the Subscription gifted to them if they don't want to pay for it by pressing the "Purchase" button.
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