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A lot of my forum users are asking for GIF avatars. This is something I have attempted to find a solution to for quite a while, but every answer I've found is confusing and beyond me. I am very new to all of this and doing what I can to learn, I'm just not quite there yet. If someone could give me a very simple step-by-step on what to do to enable them, it would be much appreciated.
if you have imagmagic PECL (the PHP) module enabled for your site, they should be enabled by default.
Are you using a cPanel hosting provider?
If so:
  1. Login to the WebHostManager as the user root.
  2. Click 'Module Installers' under the 'Software' section from the sidebar.
  3. Click 'Manage' next to 'PHP PECL'
  4. Select the PHP version from the dropdown that you would like to install ImageMagick on and click 'Apply'
  5. enter 'magick' into the search textbox and click 'Go'
  6. You should now see the 'magick (version)' in the search results, click the 'Install' link.
ImageMagick has now been installed for the PHP version you selected. Repeat these steps for each version of PHP you wish this module to be enabled on.
it might matter which php version they run tho....i dont think imagick works with php74 anymore
i don't know about under a cPanel install... but last time I checked it ran fine (and updated fine) on the php 7.4 that I was running when I had XF 2.1 installed under CentMinMod.
If it's not "allowed", following that process should give a reportable error.
yes it is only recently the case how i understand it....
we upgraded from an earlier php74 and it was working fine, but had to switch to gd once everything got brought to current....it seemed to have issue processing some images but i never figured out the exact cause beyond imagick and latest php74....

it could work for your build idk, but if you have issue keep an eye right there..
Yeah, with CentMin, I know it pulls the source code for ImageMagick in and compiles it and then creates the needed PHP modules, and it worked fine when I had to run 7.4 because I was on an older version of XF.
I only upgraded to PHP 8.0.22 because I upgraded my XF that would support it.
i am thinking it has to do with the version because somewhere i read that php74 was no longer supporting imagick...which is pretty recent..

its suggesting to me, in that earlier era it worked because php74 still supported imagick back then....but i might be making an assumption....
we did upgrade xf but it was more like 2.2.4 kind of jump...so i didnt guess it was xf that broke it, but who knows really.....switching of imagick fixed it however.
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