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Hi, hoping someone might be able to help.
I'm having trouble trying to get my widgets to align to make the homepage look neat. They are set to show 5 resources from their parent category. I'm guessing the issue is that some titles will be longer then others, thus causing some to go further down the page.

I've had a good search and tried changing things, but not having any joy.

Any help greatly appreciated.widget.png
You've got other issues, such as the sidebar content colliding.


You're going to need a different approach to ensure the widgets drop to the next row when the viewport width is too low.

Currently you're doing it by columns - I would probably approach it the other way and base it on rows, or even have the widgets unconstrained and let them flow as required.

You may be able to repurpose what I did here for article forums: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/article-forum-symmetrical-grid-layout.8303/

Which is based on the article CSS: https://xenforo.com/community/forums/have-you-seen/

Use the browser inspector to check the code.
Thanks @Brogan , I failed to check that so glad you pointed it out. I think you're right now, a different approach is needed and I shall have a look at your article forums and see what I can do with that. Very much appreciate your help.

@Miri , Thanks, going to check that out and see what I can do :D
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