Getting sublinks to appear on sub categories?

I have an extras navigational tab that I am wanting when they click the generators tab, it will redirect to the generators page, but I would like sub links to appear so they can select Socom links. By sub links I mean like the mark forums read, search, watched threads, ect kind of thing seen above on XENFORO.


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Page nodes do not contain threads so "Mark forums read" and "Watched threads" have no relevance.

Let me rephrase I apologize, the mark forums read meant no relavance, I was using as an example.

Ok so see above in my picture in the navigation how it shows Home, Main, Sony, ect? Notice below it has generators and vip? When I click generators I would like those sub links to change from Generators, Vip -> Socom FTB1 Name Imposter, Socom FTB2 Name Imposter.

Am I making more sense? I apologize if I am not, I am typing with one finger. (broke the other lol)


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If you want the sub navigation links to change based on the node/page you are currently viewing then that will require an add-on.