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Hi, its me.. again.

I've try to build a little addon for default cover images in article threads. In every node option when article thread is set, you can upload a default image. It is stored per data assets and the url is set in db table xf_node.

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My problem now is the way how to get this image in the thread template per node_id. I tried to extend the XF/Repository/Thread.php and find the imagePath per XF:Thread where node_id == $nodeId. But i am stucked.


namespace XT\CoverArticleThread\XF\Repository;

use XF\Mvc\Entity\Finder;
use XF\Mvc\Entity\Repository;

class Thread extends XFCP_Thread
    public function findThreadsByNodeId($nodeId)
        /** @var \XF\Finder\Thread $finder */
        $finder = $this->finder('XF:Thread');
            ->where('node_id', '=', $node_id);
        return $finder;

Can someone give me a hint how to solve this problem?
you can access it directly via the Fourm which is usually fetched with the thread.
(fixed after Kirbys correction)
This works, because the forum inherits from the AnstractNode which has a relation to the node entity.
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I don't get it. I tried it directly in the template, but got an error. Try it with $thread.Forum.title and got the node_title, same with node_id.

How should i set the new var xt_coverImg_path as available param in the template?

Thanks for helping me to understand these relations.
Almost ;)

XF\Entity\Forum inherits from AbstractNode, not Node.

AbstractNode does define a relation Node to access the node entity.

should work and can be accessed in templates directly.
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