get data from xml api


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I use json requests to APIs usually or directly interacting with curl, never had to use XML.

You'd create a SimpleXMLObject (off memory, I've only really had to do it a few times) and set/modify attributes. Could send the request using XenForo_Http_Client which uses Zend's http client, or simply by using curl.

Essentially, you'd do it here the same way you'd do it anywhere else. Zend has nothing for XMLs I believe. You can look though, library/Zend or library/XenForo/Http. Could search stackoverflow too on how to do it generally in PHP, as I guess that's what you'll be doing.

I'm on a phone now so I can't really help much more, but if there isn't any class to help, create the XML request as normal and then send it using the HTTP client.


thank you sir,
i'm a beginer in programming, please give me ex. how to use with json.