German translation: [Liam W] (RIP) Member Self Delete

German translation: [Liam W] (RIP) Member Self Delete 2.0.5 PL3

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@Hoib3rgA thank you. so if I choose "overwrite" while uploading a language file it does not delete all existing phrases of the language in place but only adds what's new and overwrites what's existing? ok good to know.

but after that I have no reference, that I imported it once, right? mmmmh

(my original post was deleted, because it wasn't english)
Hy, yes just overwrite the existing language. Only the phrases, existing at the uploaded file, will be overwriten
Hoib3rgA updated German translation: [Liam W] (RIP) Member Self Delete with a new update entry:

updated phrases

following phrases updatet:
  • liamw_accountdelete_account_deletion_not_scheduled
  • liamw_accountdelete_change_privacy
  • liamw_accountdelete_change_privacy_explain
  • liamw_accountdelete_remove_avatar
  • liamw_accountdelete_remove_personal_details
  • liamw_accountdelete_remove_personal_details_explain
  • liamw_accountdelete_remove_profile_banner
  • option.liamw_accountdelete_thread_forum
  • option.liamw_accountdelete_thread_message
  • option.liamw_accountdelete_thread_title...

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