German Language Pack [Sie]

German Language Pack [Sie] 1.5.1

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Alluidh submitted a new resource:

German Language Pack [Sie] - Complete translation of XenForo to German

Today we offer the German language file for XenForo 1.2.2
A version of "Deutsch [Sie]"

It is available at xenForo and at xenDach

This is the first version of the new language pack. More than 4000 Phrases has been changed between the 1.1.5 and the new language pack. So there will be some mistakes - I promise.

Some impressions

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Alluidh updated German Language Pack [Sie] with a new update entry:


This version is created together with the XenForo Resource Manager 1.0.2 and the Xen Media Gallery 1.2.15. All parts would be fitted for a better look and feel. There is no need to update to this version, because most of the changes are cosmetic. But this version will be the base for all upcoming language packs.
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