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Implemented GeoIP integration in admincp/userprofile edit.

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by darren, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. darren

    darren Member

    Hi firstly majorly impressed with what you have done so far.

    Just a small suggestion that would it be possible to have a geoip location of the IP address people have when you're on their account on the admincp or if like in vbulletin you have an "IP" button for mods/admins.

    I'm finding knowing the location quite useful in the combat against spam bots!

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  2. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    interesting suggestion, also i think that isn't hard to implement ... just a 'disclaimer': put it only if doesn't affect the system ...
  3. ankurs

    ankurs Well-Known Member

    +1, should be easy to do, with a ip2location script
  4. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

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