Generating keywords for long tail SEO within Google's guidelines


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There is a mod here and also available at vB that generates a "cloud" of terms based upon how someone initially found your site through Google. From what I've seen, it seems to work real well, which makes sense. You currently rank for certain terms and this fills those resulting pages with more keyword friendly terms.

It sounds great, but it appears to be outside of Google's guidelines. I was curious as to thoughts of other forum admins. It would appear that Google *might* be able to determine if someone was using this tool and it could possibly penalize sites. Part of my reasoning comes from reading this discussion at vBSEO.


Sadik B

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It used to work great. But after the Google's Panda update it is highly advised to stay away from it. Google's new algo update ensures it identifies low content, high keyword pages and it doesn't rank them high. My VB4 site was using the VB Mod and it saw a sharp decrease in organic traffic post panda update. I removed the Mod and there was a significant recovery. However, if your thread already have great content, as in users are contributing lots of content then the Mod will help as it will up the keywords ratio. So you should use it only on a site where typically posts tend to be long and generate lots of content. Not on sites where you have less content.