General Site Support: hardware, system, XenForo and addons

Tom McIntyre

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Our system seems to be continually having problems like Advanced Search breaking and communication disruption to our in house facility.

Does anyone offer full XenForo Support including hosting, ticket management and feature requests? Do you have a package that describes your services?

My Board of Directors is considering doing this but wants 3 quotes for the migration and service. The service does not need to include the software license fees unless the proposal includes new software with its own fees.
Thanks, but we are looking for the whole 9 yards (as they say in my town).

A fresh start is not an option. The forum started in 2002 with phpBB and has passed through several forum environments with vB4 just before the move to XenForo. Another Admin had moved it to bbV2 just before I moved it to vB1.5 (I think.) vB had some very good developers at that time.

My community is getting nervous about my age.
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