General Pre-Sale Question


Hi Team.

Have been looking over the feature lists and have nearly decided on a purchase, there is just one thing I had to ask before comitting to a purchase.

Is there any portal add-on releases that can act as a main website page? I mean having the portal page available at say and then the forums located in a different subdirectory

I have had vBulletin previously and have had the same setup as outlined above, using vBAdvanced CMPS.



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There are several portal add-ons for XenForo. You may use a bridge with Wordpress to accomplish different directory structure. However, you may find it is unneeded.

Ernest L. Defoe

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Hello @NDS410,

There are several portal addons available for xenForo such as xenPorta which seems to be the most popular one. There are others such as Simple Portal, Poor Man's Portal, and Widget Portal. I happen to use xenPorta one my main site located here, and my other site I use a Wordpress/xF bridge that site is located here.

I find xenPorta to be just about the perfect fit for most sites as for a portal it's pretty good at what it does. So as you can see there are several options and you won't regret your purchase of xF as it is the best forum community software on the market.