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Hi everybody :)

Today, I finally decided to show you my last board running Xenforo Board System!
GarryCity is an old community dealing with garry's mod video-game. We are french speakers (some of us are canadian, the most part is french). For those who don't know about Garry's Mod, it's a videogame based on the half-life 2 source engine, that permit to create... what you want !

Our purpose is to play a more or less realistic roleplay game on our server, based on latest version of the game. A city, some citizens and the head of town. Cops, drugs and rock'n'roll :) Quite realistic so ;)

GarryCity was based at the beginning on punBB board system. It was a good first step in the setup of the community, and punBB was at this moment a good platform to create a community. But in 2010, we decided that punBB was too old-fashioned manageable, si we moved to ... Drupal 6 ! A great CMS. The conversion was a little bit athletic xD We had to convert first the punBB database to a system which allows to be converted to drupal 6 schemes, by using an addon. The "system in the middle" was phpBB 3 ...

The conversion run fine, the drupal6 was a great success ! All our members were really facinating by the step on ! ... Days passed... And administration stuff were not so good as we expected. We did many customizations on our system, leading to a not so maintenable system (addon are the super side of drupal, but it can be the downside during maintenance in production...).

3 weeks ago, we decided that it's over !! GarryCity really needs a community based system, and our experience more recent websites convinced us to keep using Xenforo !

But, wait... How to convert drupal 6 to xenforo system ? no importer tool...
First I converted drupal 6 website to drupal7 version ! DRUSH with using of site-upgrade plugin was a great help ! Drupal7 version of the website created in 2hours (drush asks too many questions ;))

And next ? no converter too from drupal7 to xenforo.. So, Why don't we use the so flexible and used platform.. phpBB3 ? :) I concluded that was the only solution as no importer from drupal 6 to other system exists... So, I developed a converter from drupal6 to phpBB3 by hand. PHP and mysql stuff as well... 2 days later, that's ok ! The converter runs well (it can be offered to xenforo staff or people who want it). It runs in 2 steps :
  • converting users, with (in case and because of my tests) a security for duplicated user (lost of PMs but I will rewrite this part of the code one day) from CLI tool (to avoid timed out)
  • converting forum/threads with a web based view, selecting dropdown menus to associate drupal6 forums to phpBB3 forums (must be created before)
1400 users and 61000 posts (about around 4000 threads) converted in ... 1 hour :) MySQL runs out of the hell :)

And finally, xenforo importer tool to... import phpBB3 data :) Works like a charm :)
And now, what about the new version ? Please, look at

A few words :
  • xenforo 1.4.2
  • steam auth addon
  • many of the @Waindigo 's addons :)
  • Extra portal addon on home
  • @Iversia 's FAQ addon (FAQ writing in progress)
  • QuoteMe addon (@Kier and other XF dev, why this addon is not implemented directly in XF core ? :))
  • bd Tag Me and Xentags addon
  • bd Widget Framework (same question Kier :))
  • Node as tabs (idem...)
  • Extended User Upgrade "addon" which allows to create specific actions after upgrade (or downgrade). I plugged in the admins and users table from my gmod server on it, so I can manage administrators adn moderators of the game server by using xenforo tools :)
  • LGSL system (see integration
  • XenFrench translation (@Allan)
Users are really enjoyed by the new version, so THANK YOU for all developers of Xenforo and addon !!

Do you like the forum and the way to build it ? :)
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