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I'm pretty new to this myself so I don't feel comfortable saying. I would recommend asking some of the more experienced people through convos. They would have a better idea. Sorry wish I could help more.


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The theme is too basic for me. I'm really OCD about forum design so any sort of theme I don't like will turn me off. That one does it. Hate the header honestly and the logo is really bland. It doesn't make very good use of space especially for people like me with a larger screen. My screen is a 24inch HDTV.

Other than that it's alright. You have all the basics. You have 119 members and I see a good number of actives which sets you apart from many other forums. You have a leg up on them.

Gaming is a very over saturated niche and your site is PR0. Forum wise you are fine (if you are happy with the theme) but SEO wise you have a long way to go. You need to be building backlinks and getting your site out there.

Another problem I see is the front page. You post every so often and it's just a sentence or two. How are you different from the THOUSANDS of other gaming forums? I see nothing on your forum that would attract me to your site over any other forum. You need to be thinking out of the box and give something that will bring people in. Supply and demand. Review new games in detail, write articles, blog, do what you have to do to get some content.


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I personally think the theme could be improved for a gaming site. It's a good theme, but a bit over used, though you changed it up with customization I personally thing with a better theme it will be amazing. I love the concept behind it, you have some great addons that makes it a step up over the mass amount of other gaming forums, so you have a good base there. I say around 7/10.


Hello there, I've created a forum called Gamin Window.

Though this forum was previously known as Forum 'n' Stuff.

The forum is based around gaming, mostly gaming anyway.

I would just like a review on the forum :)

What could I improve ?

Need pointers, thanks :)

Also, mods/admins ? Could you close my old thread ?
Yo, this forum looks bloody amazing! Are you the creator of this Style? If so, please PM me dude


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Hello guys!

I need some help...

We haven't seen any new sign ups in ages! We've been going since November 2012..

Someone give us some pointers ? I don't know what we're doing wrong.. Cheers :)