Game Server Status Check [Paid] [Deleted]


I couldnt get this to work on my website. None of the 4 game server we have seemed to work.

Hey If you want me to take a look, pm me your servers' ips and ports (and what game server type it is) and I'll look into it.

If you're not happy, I'll refund you, so no need to worry :)


@JoeGandy it seems like instead of server name it shows it's with it's color code. Game ET.


Is it possible to fix that? Also it would be nice to see full server name rather then truncated. Thanks


You can use the 'manual override input, to enter your own server name manually.

The reason I'm not to worried about handling colour codes/symbols is they can be different for each game (thats the ^8#^7j). Hope this isn't an issue, I may be able to add colour overrides in the configuration for manually named servers
It is currently displaying at the top of the sidebar, is there any way to move it? I tried installing the widget template to xenporta 2 but that did not want to work.


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Hi, i want to move the block from the sidebar to above the forum content.
Maybe if i use xenporta 2 ?
Anyone have any advice?
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So i purchased this addon a little while ago, and have recently been looking into freshly installing my XenForo installation. Joe has deleted this resource so I have no way of redownloading this? Is there somewhere where I can see previous resources I have purchased?