Game of Thrones Fansite (Thai)


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Hi everyone.

I made this website because I really, really love this series :) And because there are currently no website about it in my language at all. The theme is modified from Arras Wordpress Theme.

It's far from complete. My to do list

- Learn how to use XenPorta and modify the layout
- Learn how to use XenCarta
- Learn how to use XenMedio
- Contents contents contents.
- And, eventually, promote it.

Yea the site hasn't been promoted yet. I want to finish modifying the layouts and populate the wiki with more content before I promote my website to public.

While there are some uncertainties (especially since there's no book translated into my language yet) I'm doing this site out of pure personal interest. Hopefully I will be able to find fans and keep the site alive for years to come. :)