G.o.M.D. Gods of Mass Destruction Multi-Gaming Organization



Gods of Mass Destruction - G.o.M.D. is a new Multi-Gaming Organization / Guild. My name is Zig, and I'm the leader/founder of G.o.M.D. I decided to purchase Xenforo after being a long time vBulletin customer and being dissapointed with a lot of vB's outdated features and feel. Thankfully Xenforo has a good third party portal modification with XenPorta, which I've utilized to build my gaming community.

Currently G.o.M.D. is active in the MMO TERA, and we are looking to expand into other games and have multiple divisions. You can find more information about us at our website:

or at our Facebook:
and our Twitter:

We use Raidcall to communicate with each other via voice. Google Raidcall or visit our website for more information on how to connect.

We are actively recruiting for TERA, and new divisions. Check us out.