Future [Paid] [Deleted]

This may seem noobish but Im new to Xenforo, but are these compatible with xenporta?

Like is the whole damn thing going to fall apart, cause every time I see xenporta I see flexile or flexile dark and I really really dont like them.

Sean James

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Hey mate, Yes all of our skins support XenPorta. There maybe some small CSS issues with the addon blocks but if you send us a support ticket the client area on our site we can help you with that.
Cool man... Got to pick the wife up from the airport, Ill catch up with you soon. Really tired of screwing up the the color pallet trying to change names that have abolutely no bearing in reality... lol @lighterDarkDarkest.. man just put a name on it that has some basis in reality. :confused:

Sean James

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I personally don't use the color palette.. This is why all of our skins are styled using the style properties and custom CSS in the extra.css template.


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I paid for this over 24 hours ago and received nothing and it says it will normally take an hour but sometimes 8 hours on weekends and bank holidays. :(