Funds approved to expend and can't buy it

Tracy Perry

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Well, the company that was getting me the Surface Pro 2 got ready to buy it in either 256GB or 512GB... and guess what - NOBODY has it in stock. Biggest I've found is the 128GB and for what I need to use it for that will be to small. Told 'em not to wait until the last second of the end of the year like they normally do. Now can't get the Pro 2 until mid next-year since it's purchased out of "left-over" funds that have to be expended prior to 12/31 (with the item in hand and installed by that date).
Oh well... instead of free support guess they get to start paying my going rate. :p

PS - I DID find one on ebay in 256GB... for $4000+ dollars. :ROFLMAO: