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Function to Check if User is Moderator of Current Forum


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I'm looking for a function to check whether the user who has posted (not visitor) is a moderator of the current forum that the post is in.

I've tried XenForo_Model_Moderator::getContentModerator(array(
'user_id' => $user['user_id'],
'content' => array('', $thread['node_id'])
however, that returns false unless the user is explicitly a moderator of that forum (i.e. if the user is a moderator of the parent node, it won't show them as a moderator for this forum ID).

Simple question: Is there a built-in XF function that checks if a user is a moderator of the current forum, taking permission inheritance into account?


Unless I miss understood you, a check such as the one in function canMoveThread in Model/Thread.php should do the trick.
It checks for the manageAnyThread permission for a specific node.


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Yeah I considered just checking for a specific moderator permission. I just thought I'd check if there was a function I missed that checked whether the user was a content moderator of a specific forum. I'll take the permission route, thanks Syndol.