FunCaptcha 2015-01-21

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swiper submitted a new resource:

FunCaptcha - Stopping spam and welcoming your users, one mini-game at a time.

FunCaptcha is a fun, fast and refreshing replacement to the confronting and confusing CAPTCHAs we encounter every day. Through our graphically rich and engaging mini-game based approach, FunCaptcha is completed by over 20.4% more users than traditional CAPTCHAS while ensuring no bots get through. From Mobile to Desktop, Android to iOS - we’re fast, fun and robust. FunCaptcha can be applied to your XenForo forum and for those looking for a more...

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I installed the plugin and followed all setup steps on your website, but I do not see FunCaptcha showing up as an option on the registration options, and I don't see it on the signup page. I did submit a support ticket on the website, but wanted to ask here too because I'm sure others will have the same issue... Thanks