Fuel Injection Bible


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I know it's a fairly simple forum that strays little from the default, and frankly I don't want to get too hung up on customizing everything. At least not yet.

I know someone is going to wonder why my logo uses the same colors as Xenforo. I had this logo designed 2 years ago before I ever heard of Xenforo. I also had a vBulletin theme based on a blue/cream color combination. So I modified the Xenforo colors to match my logo and my old vBulletin theme, so they are actually different even though they might loook the same at first glance.



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What is the reason behind naming your forum Fuel Injection Bible as your URL shows something different? People will have to remember your forum name in order to come back and it would be more logical to have something like fuelinjectionbible.com .

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cool lambo :)

Ideally your forums might have better integration with your articles / blog etc.

I don't know how to do it ... but "ripping out the Xenforo Tabs" and using your blogspot tabs would look simple but effective. :)

In the image above, obviously the Forums Tab would be active. :)


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Bram: I have the "fuelinjectionbible.com" domain but haven't pointed it yet.

Digital: Integration is the single biggest item I've been going over in my head. The ideal solution would be a single site "fuelinjectionbible.com" where all the articles and forums are located and some sort of CMS built into Xenforo where everything is seamless.

I had Wordpress installed on my server, but didn't like it. It has a boatload of features/add-ons, but honestly I'll never use 99% of them. There are so many add-ons that looking for something as simple as social buttons (Twitter or Facebook) yields hundreds of results. I hate having to sort through so many add-ons for such a simple task and trying to decide which one to use.

I like Blogger (where my blog currently resides) because it's so bloody simple. I managed a vBulletin site years ago that was highly customized and had a CMS portal. I got sick of having to spend time keeping things running, worrying if the new update breaks certain modifications and so on. This is why I'm inclined to go 180 degrees and make something very simple. I'd rather spend my limited time writing content than maintaining a site.

I don't have all the answers, but I might try your suggestion of having navigation links to match my blog such that visitors are presented with a consistent look between the blog & forums. The other question then becomes where should I point my domain to? My forums or my blog? Agghh, it's all so confusing sometimes.

At least I'm in the early stages so I can make changes without worrying about breaking something or having to do too much work.


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Got rid of Blogger and set up my own site instead. I tried to go the "easy way" and found out it wasn't going to do what I wanted. I also tried domain pointing and found it was too limiting so I set up another server for my new domain http://fuelinjectionbible.com.

Next up is getting content from the forums into my main site sidebar. Going to look at a portal or maybe RSS.