Add-on from where i can find Donation Manager with Sidebar


hi there

this is my first topic with my first day in xenforo

i want to know from where i can find Donation Manager with Sidebar to put it in my site


sorry for my language

New Joe

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What exactly do you need it for?
Is it just to be able to receive donations from members?

New Joe

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Well, i wanted something simple and free, so this is how I did it, which gave me just what I wanted on my sidebar.

Firstly I installed this so I could control my sidebar just the way I wanted:

Then I installed this simple donation mod:

I didn't want the Tab so read post #15. Also post # 6 helped me out.
Also don't forget this part:

Editing the main template:

You will want to edit the andy_donations template to include your donation information. Change the in the PayPal information area to your email address.
Next up to get it on your Sidebar using the widget Framework, i added a new widget, HTML
Then added this code to the HTML part changing the red and blue for your needs:

<div align="center">
<span class="smallfont">Contribute to the Forum for help with our hosting costs, maintenance costs. Please Click the PayPal Logo to Contribute, Thanks</font></b></span>
<br /><br />
<div align="center">
<a href="" method="post" target="Contribute"><img src="imagepath/paypal.png" border="0" alt=" Contribute"/></a>


So the above finally gave me what i wanted, and maybe what you want.