From vBulletin to XenForo?


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I manage a forum with 1,1 million messages, 40k discussions and 40k registered users.

It has around 2,1k unique visits and 42k page views per day.

The platform currently used is vBulletin and this requires me a VPS with 4 cores and 8 Gb of RAM.

Here are some questions for you:

If I decide to switch to XenForo would I need the same resources on the server? Or is XenForo better performing in the management of the server and SQL queries?

I currently use vBSSO to have a single login on Wordpress and vBulletin. Would I have the same opportunity if I migrated? Would users who are currently recognized on both WP and vB also be recognized by switching to XenForo?

Does the mobile version of the forum allow the upload of photos to be inserted from the mobile phone?

Does the mobile version of the forum allow the display of advertising banners?

I made a bundle between vBulletin and PHPList, is there a plugin that does the same thing?



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Sorry to butt in here. It seems to me that really you’re asking two questions. One about hosting, and the next about software.
You’re on your own for hosting but for software from me limited but similar forum size I can tell you that XenForo performs much better. With vb I had huge daily php and sql errors to deal with. None of that with XenForo then there is the really crappy answers you get from the vb team when the forum doesn’t do basis auth permissions properly.
Good luck and hopefully you’ll join a more progressive software family.


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It is generally agreed that XF uses fewer server resources than VB but you will most likely need to tune the server to optimise the performance with XF. That is especially true for large, busy sites.

You may also want to consider the Enhanced Search add-on, as your database size/records is approaching the assumed limits of MySQL search.

You would need a third party add-on for integration with/SSO for WordPess.

Yes, photos and images can be uploaded from mobile phones - either using the standard browser, or the new PWA in XF2.

Yes, advertising banners can be displayed at any viewport size on any device.

Not sure of an add-on which will do the last request - you can check in the resources.