XF 1.2 From folder with subdomain to root


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So I had XF installed in /forum folder, with subdomain forum.domain.com

Is there any .htaccess redirect rules if I wanted to move XF to root? So any forum.domain.com/thread and /posts and the other will be redirected to domain.com/forum (root, not folder)

Thank you.


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So what will be the new URL for the site once you have moved it?

domain.com/forum/ (like XF is xenforo.com/community/)
or just domain.com


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Right now my XF forum is inside a folder, /forum folder, with a forum.domain.com subdomain.

I wanted to move all xf forum to root, with portal as index and forum as /forum route, and add some redirect rules so I don't lose any forum.domain.com link